Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Update

I haven't posted in a while - for that I apologize. I received a comment that my posts were helpful - well imagine that! I'd like to announce in all humility that I've continued in a high level of success over my compulsion. I have fallen into my compulsion on three occasions since my last post and brought them to the confessional and got back on the horse - thanks be to God! I'm starting to wonder f I can still label it a compulsion and I actually may be more culpable with a greater freedom to choose, but the reality is that it is under intense stress that I have reverted and should be aware that I'm still quite weak in this matter.

Tonight I will offer my prayers for those who desire the grace to overcome their compulsions and I will also ask that those receive the grace to beg God and our Lady for victory.

- Peace +JMJ+