Thursday, March 23, 2006

Purity At Any Cost

If your eye causes you to sin, PLUCK IT OUT! Those are sobering words - or they should be. The problem is that they are so unbelievably strong, we just don't believe them - or we don't believe Jesus meant them. The truth is that he did mean what he said. The operable word here is "if". The truth is our eye does not cause us to sin. It's our inability to control what our eye sees. It's the porn on the Internet. It's the liberty with which we look at women on the street or on TV. Those are the things that cause us to sin. So we should "pluck" them out. We should be just as ruthless as Jesus' words. We need to do a radical amputaion of the offending cause.

Most times we know exactly what we need to do: move the computer to a public place; avert our eyes when a seductively dressed woman walks by or shows up on TV; get a content filter for our computer; stop veiwing material that excites our passions.

What is it that you can amputate that will make the difference in the long run between heaven and hell?