Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When Peace Like A River...

I'm not sure what's up but I have peace today. No nagging desire to scour the Internet for pornography. It could be that I spent yesterday evening with the guys or maybe it was the five minute stop into the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at church this morning or probably a combination of them. Thats my point: the key to overcoming compultions is having an interesting life. It's not that other people need to find your life interesting it's that I find inters in the things that I do. The minute I become bored or see my life as teadious, the tendancy to want to spice it up begins to loom in the foreground. You don't need to go jumping out of planes, you do need to do things that connect you to people, their lives and God. If you're having trouble meeting people, join a commuity service organization like the Knights Of Columbus or the Lions Club, or just volunteer at the local food shelf.


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