Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Update

I haven't posted in a while - for that I apologize. I received a comment that my posts were helpful - well imagine that! I'd like to announce in all humility that I've continued in a high level of success over my compulsion. I have fallen into my compulsion on three occasions since my last post and brought them to the confessional and got back on the horse - thanks be to God! I'm starting to wonder f I can still label it a compulsion and I actually may be more culpable with a greater freedom to choose, but the reality is that it is under intense stress that I have reverted and should be aware that I'm still quite weak in this matter.

Tonight I will offer my prayers for those who desire the grace to overcome their compulsions and I will also ask that those receive the grace to beg God and our Lady for victory.

- Peace +JMJ+


At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Ojo said...

I see that almost no one has left comments.

How sad since your story and honesty are so moving and appropriate for the now.

I am almost your same age and have a very similar struggle. I have thought about writing such a blog, but am too addicted, amongst other things, to do so. I was wondering if you would make contact with me since I don't know how to email you.

Please read between the lines: ojotut(a)y4h00.c**

Thank you very much. God's blessings be with you!

At 11:44 AM, Blogger The Struggler said...

Thanks ojo! It's way too easy to become a porn addict and I don't think anyone is equipped to handle the flood of provocative content now readily available through the Internet. I think many men need to make some tough choices like God or the Internet.

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all of the fun and excitement has left. it is only addiction. a pull that somehow has control over my desire to redirect it. and when completed, it is empty. to live with a continual empty hand or fill this with love, compassion and the everyday stress of life. all of its messiness and blessings. seems an easy line to cross back over. time allows for this. time, effort. meditation. thanks for your blog.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Jason B said...

struggler & ojo,

I too have struggled all my life with this. I am 33 and work as a developer in the internet industry. Often i think of changing careers, but this career has paid well and supports my growing family very well.

Keep up the site, i am glad i have stumbled uppon this site. It has inspired me!

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was furious with myself for giving in to temptation twice in one day (wasn't this all supposed to go away once I grew up, became a man, got married, started having children...?). I entered "great consolation" into the usual search engine and this site came up. What a blessing. Honestly. And I'm cynical, I never say that.

That top ten list is perfect. Just what I needed. For me temptation seems to last about a week or two at a time, once every few months... And it's been like this for a couple years now, after a couple years of being completely free of the desire for pornography (! - I only now realize what a blessing--there I go again--this was).


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